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AP Calculus 12AB Cover

  • About This Book
  • This book has been in the making for more than 6 years. During this time, questions were revised and added to serve as repeated practice. This practice aims to ensure a proper understanding of each challenging concept in Calculus. In order to implement a deeper understanding and stronger foundation of Calculus, I have provided extensive proofs for every formula. Students are to be led step-by-step through each question, with full solutions provided. To further facilitate a thorough comprehension, many detailed graphs and diagrams are at the student’s disposal.
  • This workbook is focused on AP Calculus AB, as this course is essential to higher level Calculus, and required in university programs such as mathematics, engineering, science, business, etc.
  • I have taken it upon myself to title this book “AP Calculus 12 AB”, combining Calculus 12 (regular Calculus) and AP Calculus AB – they share much of the course content with one another. This workbook is suitable for Calculus 12 as well as AP Calculus AB.
  • It is important to note that students are strongly recommended to take AP Calculus AB in order to acquire a better foundation for university level Calculus.
  • I hope that students will be able to build a strong foundation of Calculus with the help of this book.
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